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Friday, July 12, 2013

Heartbroken Tonight

Sweet Hanson left this world today.  He was 7 years old and never knew the love of a family. 7 years old and he died alone in a crib...he's spent his whole life in a crib.  He was one of the "lost boys" tucked away in a mental institution in a remote location in the country our children are in.  His director cares about the children but doesn't have the resources to care for the boys properly.

These children need out.  Multiple children have died since we began this process.  Died while they waited and no one came for them.  Others died while families were in the process of adopting them.
It truly is a life or death situation for many of these children.
We worry it might be for our Z.  We have no way of knowing and we don't want to take that chance.  That's why we need to move quickly.

And it's why these children need families now.  Go to this website.  Look at these faces.

Pray for them.  Pray God protects them.  Pray that He raises up directors and caregivers who know Him and will share His love with the children.  Pray that He transforms their countries and cultures into cultures that value these precious little ones as much as He does.  Pray the same for our own culture.   Pray that God gives each and every one of them a family.  Pray and ask if you might be that family.
Pray and humbly ask and consider being a family for one of these children.

Please pray also with us for the adoption process to move quickly so we can bring Z and V home before it's too late.

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