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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Adoption Affects Your Biological Children

Several friends have shared that they want to adopt sometime in the future, but that they don't want to break the birth order of their kids already in their home.

Friends have, understandably, worried about how adoption might affect their biological children.  How will bringing a child who comes with an institutional background affect the children already in the home?

Friends have shared their hesitancy at the idea of how children with special needs might affect their lifestyle and their other children. 

These are all great things to think through and to prepare for.  If this is you, if you've thought about any of these things, please read this post by a Mama who is with you, who worried about all the same things, but prompted by God she adopted out of birth order and adopted two at once and addresses all three of these areas- birth order, affect on biological children, and special needs. 

This family had a toddler-aged biological son and adopted a 10 year old daughter and a toddler-aged son from Russia.  Listen to how this Mama learned to value her biological child's character over his comfort and happiness.  Listen to her story of how her biological son Finley learns patience, compassion, tenderness, learns to give, learns to be a helper, and to overcome fears all through the help of his adopted siblings. :) Makes me want to adopt a 10 year old, too. ;)

Check it out on her blog Tiny Green Elephants

"It can be hard for American parents to raise children who don't live a life of expectation.  Parents actually have to take great effort, take careful action and strides to keep toys and child 'stuff' out of our homes, to not spoil, to not raise a child who believes that their own happiness is the ultimate goal, while others long and wait.  Who aren't crippled by first world problems."

"It's one thing to teach your child to care for the poor, the orphaned or those in needs, and it's another to do it.  To live life infused with the ideas taught by God."

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