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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ask Me Why I'm Adopting

I don't think we'll hide from our kids the fact that they're adopted. In fact, I want them to know. I want them to be aware that once they weren't, but now they are a part of our family. I want them to have a deep understanding of how much we wanted them. 

Ask me why we're adopting.  Please. I feel this ache in my bones to tell you.  I want you to know. 

I want to tell it because our reasoning is so intrinsically linked to the most beautiful truth in the universe: that we are (or can be) adopted by God himself. 

Cort asked me one time when we were early in our marriage why I loved her. After considering it a moment, I responded "I love you...because I love you." It's not ultimately based on her beauty, or her character, or how fun she is, or the way she smiles at me. I love her because I've chosen to love her.  Otherwise if one of those factors changes, then my affection would change. 

With the Lord God his love is the same, but bigger. I wasn't just alone and distant, isolated and abandoned. I was in active rebellion to him.  I was engaged in war against him and he saw me, pitied me, and chose to love me.  The Gospel is so radical in that it says that there's nothing I did to catch God's eye - no intelligent remark, no cute smile on an adoption website, no prospect of gaining anything from me. He loved me...because he loved me.  And that imbedded-in-his-character love led Him to die on a cross, to pay the price to win me into his family. 

I can't wait to tell my children that they didn't know us, but we knew them. I want them to know what it's cost in time, energy, money, comfort, and tears to get them. I want them to ask me "why?" so I can tell them with a smile, "Just because we loved you". 

We're adopting because we're adopted. We love because he first loved us. Everyday I pray for the chance to tell them that. I yearn that as we share our love for them that they would hear and understand the far greater love that stands behind it.  The love of a Father God who loves...because he loves. 


  1. Isn't cool that He looks to us and says the same thing, "Just because I loved you and wanted you"! Whoop. Good words, Seay family. Good words! :)

  2. Hi there!!! Just wanted you to know that we will be praying for your amazing journey! We brought our beautiful Olivia home from your babies orphanage last may! It was an incredible adventure! My husband and I would be happy to share some travel tips with you! We were in country for 6 weeks so we know all the ins and outs! God bless you as you make your way to your son and daughter!
    Beth and Lee Herrington

  3. Im sorry, it looks like I sent that last message on my daughters Google account! Please feel free to email me @