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Monday, August 19, 2013

Depraved Indifference


Let's not be indifferent to this life, this face below.  He's God's son and he needs the church to rise up and do something.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that God opens the doors of Rus*ia.  The God who changes the hearts of kings can change Putin's heart.  He can reverse Putin's ban on Americans adopting Rus*ian children.  Let's fight for what is God's.  Russian orphans need to be rescued. 

Do you see his face?  This little guy has Down Syndrome, but he lives in Rus*ia, so he is hidden from society.  This is the before and after of when he was doing well in his babyhouse compared to what he looks like now after being transferred to a mental institution.  Can you believe it's the same little boy?  This is heartbreaking.  Rise up church.  PRAY with me for these children stuck in Rus*ia with little to no hope of being loved by a family as long as we're banned from adopting them.

This is the sad future we are trying to rescue our sweet babies from (I know they're not really babies, but to us they're our babies. ;))

If your heart is open to adoption, there are many children who need families now who are in open countries.  They need someone to rescue them and give them a loving family.  Any country can close at any time.  Every day matters for these little ones.  Would you like to make one of these children here your son or daughter?

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