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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mourning and Rejoicing

Adoption is a strange thing.  Adoption brings deep joy and deep pain.  My eyes are more open than they have ever been to the plight of orphans around the world, and especially to the orphans in the worst of situations, which means that I feel for them more deeply than ever.  And I wonder how I can feel so much joy and so much pain at the same time?  What a taste, a glimpse, into the heart of our Savior, the One called "man of sorrows."

My heart mourns with each death, each loss of a life.  And my heart mourns for each child's face I see on the screen, each child that continues to wait and be passed over day after day.  There are so many.  
And I'll never be able to move past knowing that we CAN save every face on that screen, that there are way more parents than there are children available for adoption.  

But my heart also rejoices with each child that receives a family.  When someone finally says, "I choose you.  I want you to be mine" and "You are worthy" and finally sees the worth that was there all along.

Tonight is a mourning and rejoicing kind of night.  A mix of emotions.
Because of one little boy and one little girl.  

Remember Kyle? The boy who went from his happy babyhouse to a mental institution?


This little boy is gone.  He's dead.  He didn't survive the mental institution, like many others before him.  And so we mourn.  We mourn the loss of this sweet little guy.  We mourn the sin that caused him to be in this place.  We mourn the closing of his country.  We mourn our indifference- that he was passed over for the first year or two he was listed on Reece's Rainbow.  He should have been rescued long ago.  We mourn with his Mama who was in process when the doors of his country closed, this Mama who chose him but will never get to hold him in her arms.

And in the sorrow, we have to rejoice.  Because one precious girl's family found her.  Our sweet Della.  Della who has been waiting eleven years has a family committed to her.  And so we rejoice and pray her home.

That's right Della!  Time for a party, little lady!  Your Mama and Papa are coming for you!  
They are fighting hard for you because you are so worth it. :)  

And we rejoice because we get to pursue our little boy and little girl.  We rejoice that God has carried us to this point.  We rejoice that we may get to travel in as little as four weeks.  We are counting down.  We rejoice that, Lord willing, V and Z will have a family.  And we will be their family.  But we remember and pray and fight for those left behind, the ones still waiting for their families...

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  1. I would love to talk with you in person some time. We are friends with Jerry and Cindy Martin and they have kept us up to date on your adoption journey. My daughters are adopted from Ukraine and we lived there for several months and visited often. If you would like to chat can email me at Prayers continue for your journey.