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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Home Is Being Shared...

We made it home!  Sorry for the delays in updating.  We're home and can freely post about the kiddos now -- we just have to be alert enough to do it!  We're settling in well.  Noah sleeps through the night, and Nora, well, she's doing great at letting us know what she needs, even in the middle of the night... As for right now the biggest thing on the radar is Noah's heart.  We discovered here at home that he has a serious heart defect that should have been corrected when he was about 6 months old, but wasn't.  Monday we go in for a catheter to get more information on the possibility of surgery.  In the meanwhile Spurgeon's words have been a great comfort: 

“As for His failing you, never dream of it -- hate the thought of it. The God who has been sufficient until now, should be trusted to the end.”

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