No Right Click

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Look Who is Sitting Now!

Look at our little lady working on sitting up with no hands to support her!  It's hard to tell in the pics, but she is a good half a foot away from the back of the couch.  Nora has been able to sit without holding herself up with her arms more and more.  It's still only a small percentage of the time, but encouraging nonetheless.

When we first met her, she couldn't hold her head up steadily or sit up at all on her own.  Her trunk (torso) has lower tone than the rest of her body, so we are working on building up strength in her trunk or the core of her body.  We started working on helping her sit up with support and her legs criss cross applesauce on our visits to the orphanage.  She has come so far!  

"Look Ma, no hands!"

Don't mind her silly brother in the background...or the Christmas blanket... :)