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Monday, February 24, 2014

Proof that People With Down Syndrome are NOT Always Happy

There is a popular myth that people with Down Syndrome are always happy.

Doesn't he look so handsome even when he is mad? ;)

But it is just that- a myth.  People with Down Syndrome experience a whole spectrum of emotions, just like you and me.  Above you see Noah's mad face.  This little guy experiences every emotion we do.  He gets scared, angry, confused, sad, happy, excited, etc.  He has many happy days, but he is also very sensitive.  We have many hard days, too.  He has the best excited squeal when he cannot contain all of his excitement, but, boy, can he throw a fit with the best of 'em!  

When we first met him, he was the most hardened, serious, and angry little boy I have ever seen.  :(  He has changed so much over the four months we have known him.  Noah is generally cheerful and silly now, but it is not because he has Down Syndrome (although I do think his Down Syndrome protected him in some ways as he grew up in his orphanage).  He is happy because he is LOVED.

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