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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Surprising Teachers

Haha, I know there is a toilet on our blog.  Weird, huh?  Don't worry, it's not our toilet.  That would be even weirder.  The funny thing is this Prince Lionheart potty training seat (pictured above) has actually been helpful in our at home physical therapy.  This seat has helped Nora learn to sit up better independently with nothing to hold onto.  We didn't plan it.  It was just a surprising benefit from using the seat.  Nora has gained better balance because of it and strengthened her core.

Another surprising teacher has been a scooter.  Did you know a scooter can help children learn the mechanics of crawling?  I learned it from a sweet adoptive Mama friend.  

Our wonderful church let us borrow a scooter (you can also find them inexpensively on Amazon), and we use it consistently with Noah (Nora sometimes, too, but she's not a fan of it).  Noah is a master army crawler.  The scooter helps him learn to move with his arms extended out and his hands flat on the floor to prepare him for crawling.  He has mastered maneuvering the scooter by pulling himself one hand at a time (and sometimes two hands at a time ;)).  Hooray for building arm strength!  Check him out in action (with his pirate patch on his eye :))--- 

One of our main physical therapy goals is strengthening Noah's legs, so that he can walk one day.  The scooter helps us place his legs in the proper crawling position, so he can bear weight on his legs to strengthen them (and hopefully learn to crawl properly).  Just a few days ago, he figured out how to move the scooter with his legs in crawling position.  He does, however, move both legs together (rather than pushing off with one leg at a time) to move himself...but it's progress, so we'll take it! :)  We have so much progress to celebrate! 


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  1. Yeah, way to go, Noah! We are celebrating with you.