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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Privilege of Cleaning Up Vomit

Our little girl was sick today fighting a stomach bug.  There is something that makes a parent so tender when caring for a sick child.  Today was a reminder of what a privilege it is to care for this little one.  

It was a bittersweet reminder.  Days like today remind me about how for five and a half years, she never had anyone to comfort her when she was sick.  When she was sick, she probably either laid in a bed in a room by herself or sat in a stroller with no interaction.  No one stroked her hair.  She had no lap to lie her head on.  No couch to spend the day on all cozied up.  No Mama to feed her special food that won't hurt her tummy and fluids filled with electrolytes to try to keep her hydrated.  Nannies don't have that option.  

It is so heartbreaking to think of all that she has been through and all she has missed out on, but it reminds me how precious every day with her is now.

Seeing your child sick really does bring out the tenderness, the gentleness and compassion, in parents.  But I wonder if there is something even sweeter about getting to care for a sick child who has never known the tenderness of a Mommy and Daddy before.  

It is a privilege to care for her.  It is a privilege to clean up her vomit.  To lay her head on my lap and stroke her hair.  To call her daughter.

How did I get the privilege of showing tenderness to this little one who has never known love before?

Only a gracious God would choose me to call her my own, to call her ours.  
Our gracious God has blessed us so much with this daughter of ours, a blessing we don't deserve.


  1. So blessed! Sometimes thinking about them sick before hurts too much- But rejoicing that Nora got cuddles and care through her stomach virus and you got the joy to nurture her through it. I had similar thoughts while in the hospital with little man. I love reading about how you guys are doing. Noah and Nora are way cute. God is Gracious indeed! :)

  2. Yeah, it is hard to think about what they went through. :( I thought about the same things when Noah was in the hospital. He went through heart surgery by himself and Nora spent the first six months of her life in the hospital by herself. So sad what our kiddos had to go through! I'm so thankful God sustained them all and is working on healing all three of them. Your little man is looking SO good! So glad he is out of the hospital and feeling all better. I love your updates, too! :)