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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Black Eyes and Healing

My son gave himself a black eye two nights ago.  The next morning he woke up with quite the shiner.  I knew it would happen one day, but the cause was different than I expected.  It was not a rambunctious little boy accidentally hitting his head on the corner of a cabinet.  Instead, the swollen bruised eye came from his own fist.  On purpose.  He also took out a piece of skin on his finger from hitting his teeth.   

I do not know which came first.  He may have made his finger bleed and been so upset from the bleeding finger that he repeatedly punched next to his eye, or the other way around.  

How can I share with you the pain of seeing him like this?  The hurt of knowing that this is what five and a half years of neglect in an orphanage did to him.  (His custodial needs were met, but developmental needs were neglected.)  The sting of knowing that three months of love cannot undo five and a half years of damage.  

  He has come very far and does so well at restraining himself from self-harm.  However, there are still times, like last night, when he still hits himself (especially if we are not in the room).  It is the primary way he learned to deal with stress and pain growing up in the orphanage, his way of self-soothing.  
 No one taught him a healthy way to cope with what he was feeling.  

I want to be angry at everyone at the orphanage who did not love him.  But how can I be when I read his prayer book to him at night and it talks about forgiving others the way Christ has forgiven us?

Our Little Man will heal.  God has made children very resilient.  We have faith that he will heal our little guy and our little lady from the hurt of their pasts.  God has already done so much healing in their hearts just in the short time we have been with them.

But my heart is heavy for the children left behind, the ones who self-harm and rock themselves to sleep at night, never knowing the love of a Mama and Papa.  

There are two families in process, each adopting a little girl with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe, that are very near and dear to my heart.  

Rachael and Tyler came home a few short months ago from adopting a five year old girl with almost the same diagnoses as our Nora.  Rachael has become a dear friend and we got to meet her and her sweet, spunky little girl while we were overseas for our adoption.  After returning home, God moved their hearts for a little baby girl with Down Syndrome and they will be returning to Eastern Europe soon. They are such an awesome family and seriously, look how adorable their new daughter, Gianna Natalia, is!  


Please help them bring her home.  She is at such a great age and will be able to receive early intervention services, but more importantly, she will know love early on in her life.  She will soon experience so much love and laughter!  
Click on the link below to contribute to their adoption:

The Feinland Family is also very dear to us.  They adopted two boys from the same orphanage as us and came home in 2012.  Their boys had similar diagnoses to our kids- Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.  Both of them have thrived with the love of their family!  The Feinlands were such a huge help all along the way during our adoption process and continue to be an invaluable resource to us.  
God has turned their hearts toward sweet, beloved Della, who will be their first daughter.


Della is tiny, but she is actually eleven years old.  Della reminds me so much of our Noah.  I see Noah's future if he had been transferred to a mental institution.  But it is NOT too late for Della.  There is so much hope.  
The love of her family will do wonders for this little lady!  Please help bring hope into Della's life.  Click below to to contribute to her adoption:

Would you consider contributing financially to bring these two sweet baby girls home?  Any gift is more helpful than you could imagine!  $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or more.  Each and every gift is priceless.  You get to be part of these girls' stories.  A part of redemption.  And every single gift, however big or small, will go a long way in encouraging their families.  

Thank you for considering!  

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