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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! :)

Today is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.  Before adopting Nora I didn't know much about CP.  Check out Love That Max's blog post to learn more about CP:

We are very thankful for our little cutie pie with CP.

And you know what?  She has been such a blessing to our family!  I was scared to take on a child who had CP, but in reality her CP is not scary at all anymore.  

When we were in Eastern Europe, we met this adorable, sweet girl in our kids' groupa who also has cerebral palsy.  Lydia is the sweetest child.  For reals.  All we had to do was talk to her or tickle her lightly, and she would giggle away.  It was so rewarding to see her face light up every time!  She seems easy going and joyful.  

She is six-years-old (but about the size of a four year old) and needs the love of a family to thrive.  She will seriously bring SO much JOY to whoever gets the privilege of calling her "daughter."  We are so very much in love with this precious girl.     

Please join me in praying for a family for this sweetheart.  It breaks our hearts to think of her being left behind in the orphanage.  She is the only child left in her groupa who is non-mobile, so day after day she sits all alone in her stroller in the middle of the room.  No one is talking to her or tickling her or making her giggle now.

Please consider bringing Lydia into your family.  It's a short process, typically seven months from start to finish.  I cannot tell you enough about how she will bless your socks off.  She was such a joy to see each day we visited our children.        

Please consider giving to her Reece's Rainbow account.  The family that commits to her will receive that money toward her adoption.  The more money in her account, the more courage you are giving a family to step forward.  Click on the link below to give on her behalf.  Any amount is helpful, no matter how large or small.    

Read more about Lydia and contribute to her grant fund here on Reece's Rainbow:

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