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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Check Out These Skills!

When you have spent five and a half years growing up in an orphanage with little to no stimulation, progress comes slowly.  The most critical years for development are gone, but you were never taught or nurtured during those critical years, leaving your brain way behind in development.  Add in the trauma of abandonment and neglect and it makes for one damaged brain and one hurting heart.

The brain does not heal overnight.  Hearts do not heal overnight.

And so, we get excited about every little bit of progress our kids make.  We celebrate with them and for them with each little step of growth.  God has already done deep healing in their hearts.  The emotional healing is happening more quickly than we anticipated, but other areas of growth tend to progress more slowly.

But the kids are learning, and we are so excited about it!  Check out their new skills:

Working on drinking out of a sippy cup...sort of.  Mostly, she just lets the milk drip into her mouth and then swallows when it does. ;)  In the near future, we will work on transitioning her with a cup with a soft spout instead of a hard spout.

Sitting in a booster seat, working her trunk (core of her body). 
 It doesn't seem like a big deal, but for Nora this takes a lot of work and focus, because her trunk is very weak with low muscle tone from her CP.

She is working on sitting up in the booster seat for 20-45 minutes each day and handling it like the champ she is.

Cheating ;)  Someone discovered she could lean against the back of the chair for extra support.

Drinking out of a straw with his new sippy cup.  It took a little bit of time to teach Noah, but he mastered it the first day we tried and has only gotten faster at drinking through a straw.  Hooray for oral skills!
He's so darn cute with his lips puckered.  I can't handle it. ;)

Technically, this one is old news...a few months old.  Noah was put on a handful of meds after his heart failure.  Most are for his heart and the pill is for his thyroid.  These meds are sustaining his heart, but in the beginning he would spit them out...which put a lot of fear in this Mama's heart.  Did I mention they are sustaining his heart, as in he'll have heart failure again if he doesn't take them?  

We mixed the meds in bites of food to help him take them, but one of the heart meds has to be taken alone, so we still had to deal with the issue of him spitting out the medicine.  Well, one day Noah just decided he likes his medicine.  Seriously.  He started taking them well, and now we give them all to him straight with no food mixed in.  Also, he can swallow the pill and we don't have to crush it up, mix it with water, and put it in a syringe anymore.  This boy laughs when it's time to take his medicine (which is multiple times a day).  That's how much he loves them.  What a relief to us!  We are so in awe of the Lord's grace in helping Noah enjoy his medicine.  It seems like such a little thing, but when you are worried for your child's life it feels much bigger. 

Noah is also learning how to stack blocks.  We do a lot of hand over hand work to teach him new fine motor skills, but he does not quite understand that he can do these things himself.  He will reach for our hands to put on his hands and do for him.  But just this week, he started doing some things on his own...well, kind of.  He needs my hand on his arm.  But if my hand is on his arm (and he thinks I'm helping him, when really I'm only holding it there lightly and he is doing all the work ;)), he will stack foam blocks now!  Before he would not move his hand unless I was guiding it directly/moving it for him.  Now he moves his hand over to the tower and puts the block on top!  This is huge for him!  We have been working on fine motor skills day after day, and Noah is now beginning to understand and try to do new things. 

In other news, Nora decided it was a good time to grow an inch in two weeks!

Please praise God with us in all that He is doing in the lives of our little ones!  :) 
It is SO fun being their parents!  They amaze us every day! 

Remember sweet Lydia.  She needs a Mama and Daddy to teach her new skills, too.  She needs someone to nurture her.  She will bless you with the best giggles!  




  1. sooo writing a post about celebrating each and every milestone and achievement just now and then bee-bopped over to your blog and here you are doing the same thing. :) love it!!! Also- teach me your magic ways! I want Carter to like taking his meds too! He either spits them out or just lets it sit in his mouth staining his tongue until the med evidently drools out everywhere. :) little stinker.

  2. Aww, I can't wait to read your post! :))) Every milestone?? Girlie, that's a lot to write! haha, that's why I still haven't done monthly updates...just too much to say (I have notes though, and every month have grand plans of doing it...). Carter looks SOOO great, btw! You're such an awesome Mama! Can you come live up here please so we can hang out? ;)

    Well, I can't teach you my magic ways because, well, I don't have any. Noah really just decided all on his own to suddenly like his medicine. I have a theory, though. The boy LOVES food (umm, like he may be borderline obsessed), and I think one day he realized his meds are kind of like food- thus the excitement over them ;) So, maybe Noah needs to visit Carter and teach him his magic. Does he like to eat? I will be praying for him and for you (idk about you, but it was so easy for me to get frustrated with the little man when he was spitting out his meds :( )