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Friday, April 4, 2014

We Have Two Play-Doh Eaters

The kids had their first experience with Playdoh on Wednesday night. We try to incorporate some sensory activities, like playing with Playdoh, into their week because sensory play helps kids develop and engage their brains.      

Most of the time, unless I was helping him poke and squeeze the Play-Doh, Noah did not know what to do with it and just sat there.  He is still figuring out how to engage the world around him, especially when he has to use his hands.  He moved the Play-Doh up and down with his hand the same repetitive way he plays with toys.  Oh, and eat it.  He did that, too. ;)  But, he was did not have an adverse reaction to touching the Play-Doh.  He did not mind the texture.  He just was not sure what to do with this new thing that Mommy kept telling him not to eat.

One of the most encouraging things was that Noah did not hit himself at all while playing with the Play-Doh.  In the past, he would have hit himself to deal with the new sensations he was feeling- even if they were enjoyable ones.  But while playing with the Play-Doh, he was okay with the new things his hands were feeling.  This boy has come a long way! :)    

His sister, on the other hand, went a little crazy with it and was so excited to play with Play-Doh (which totally surprised us!  This is the first sensory play she seemed to love.).  Nora squeezed it, shook it, waved it up and down...and ate it. ;)  See that blue mouth?  This girl is so funny!  She is picky about food, but consistently kept trying to eat Play-Doh.  

It is so much fun to watch their little personalities come out more and more, and see how they will respond to new experiences!

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