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Friday, May 23, 2014

Too Good Not to Share


Homeschooling Held Hostage
"So many homeschool moms today are suffering from burn out- and I get it.  The pressure to do more is enormous.  But I all this "more" really what God had in mind when He called us to be different?  Somehow, I don't think He meant for us to bring our children home only to have our home life hijacked by a worldly philosophy of education."

"My soul is bewildered as I watch Western society preach that we shouldn't have to do things that are hard and that people who care should stop trying to "guilt" others into doing things that they don't want to do...

No matter which cause is the major contributor to a reduction in adoptions, to me, there is only one real reason. People are holding back because they know it will be difficult...

I am sick-to-death of explanations for why adoptions are declining. I want solutions. I want children out of orphanages and "systems." I want parents to give children homes and families. I want people to do things that are hard. The most difficult things I have done in my life have been the best things I ever did."

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