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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Answered Prayers

This son of ours has a way of surprising everyone.  It happened in December when he went into heart failure and the doctors thought we would have to make a decision about surgery right away.  Then Noah went ahead and surprised everyone when his heart stabilized very quickly, and we were able to postpone surgery until now.

This time around the doctors and nurses cannot believe he wasn't sicker when he came out of surgery.  They keep telling us how they expected him to be in bad shape afterward since it was such a complicated procedure.  His cardiologist couldn't believe how quickly he moved out of the ICU and into the regular Cardiac Care Unit.  We are surprised by how quickly he is recovering, too.  Heck, we're even blown away that the whole procedure was successful in the first place- especially since the surgeon talked to us right beforehand and was hesitant about it working.  (Of course, it will take certain parts of his heart longer to figure out how to work well again, but that will happen, Lord willing, over the next few months).

This faithful God of ours is the One who is really doing the surprising, the One bringing forth healing in our little man.  We are so in awe.  We are so humbled.  And we are so thankful for your prayers.  

So many answered prayers thus far!

  • You prayed with us for Noah's heartbeat to find a rhythm and as of yesterday his heartbeat is more regular!  
  • You prayed with us for the swelling to go down in his body and it has.  He still has a little extra to get rid of, but he looks worlds better.  God answered this prayer a little differently than expected.  Yesterday his echo showed fluid around his lungs (which is common after heart surgery).  However that turned out to be a good thing.  For the couple of days before that, I asked a few nurses to increase his diuretic because I could tell his body needed it badly, but each of them just wanted to wait it out, telling me that it's normal for kids to be swollen.  So, when they saw fluid in his lungs, they finally upped the dosage, which helped his body to release a lot of the fluid that was making him swollen.  Yesterday he had four pounds of extra weight on his body just from fluid retention!  So, I'm strangely thankful for fluid in his lungs that led to his whole body losing fluid because of the increased diuretics.
  • You prayed with us that Noah would breathe well without his oxygen tube.  Today he hasn't used it at all!  He only needed it a minimal amount of time overnight last night but hasn't needed it today, even for napping.  The doctors were worried about his levels dropping when he sleeps, but so far now they've been good even while he sleeps.  Getting rid of the extra fluid and the fluid around his lungs has helped him be able to breathe better.

Right now, the doctors are guessing we will go home tomorrow as long as everything continues to look good today.  That is way sooner than any of us expected.  We anticipated being here for 3 weeks, or maybe 10-12 days in the best case scenario.

Noah looks really good today!  We're continuing to see steady improvement.  We got to play and go for a wagon ride in between naps. :)

I could snuggle and sing to him all day when this is the response he gives me. :)

In an interesting turn of events, this sweet little girl below caught a stomach bug from the hospital and ended up vomiting all over Noah's hospital room last evening.  

Because she was very lethargic and not very responsive in between and after vomiting, we took her downstairs to the ER just to be safe.  While I was walking her back, the nurse mentioned the horrible timing of it all and what a hard situation it was to have one kiddo just have heart surgery and the other get a stomach bug while visiting.  But you know what?  It didn't feel that hard or horrible (of course, we felt lots of compassion for Nora though).  Seriously, we're just so overwhelmed that God would be so incredibly gracious in bringing Noah through the surgery safely, allowing the surgeon to complete the whole procedure as planned, and making Noah a rockstar at recovering, that the situation didn't feel very stressful.  Our biggest worry was whether or not Hubs should take Nora home to rest in her own bed or to stay with friends in the area again.  

After she got some anti-nausea meds and drank enough fluids to prevent dehydration, the ER released her, and her awesome and incredibly handsome Daddy drove her all the way home, so that she could be comfortable while she recovers.  Thankfully, she is back to her perky self today and soaking up lots of quality time with Daddy in this rare opportunity to have him all to herself. ;)  

Thanks again for all your prayers, friends!!

We would love your continued prayers:
  • That Noah's oxygen levels would continue to be good
  • That the rest of the fluid would leave his lungs and body
  • That his heart continues to figure itself out and that his right ventricle, especially, will work more and more efficiently
  • That Nora would be comfortable with all the changes this week.  Going home makes four places she has slept in one week!  She is a trooper :)  

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  1. Look at that smile. Go Noah. Continued prayers for complete healing. Also get better soon Nora. Thank you for the updates. Our God is an awesome God isn't he?!! ☺