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Monday, June 23, 2014

He Will Not Fail Us

Noah's heart surgery is coming up tomorrow. We won't know until later today what time it is at, but we were told it will most likely be in the morning.

**Update:  We just got the call that Noah needs to be at the hospital at 7 AM.  He will probably go back to the Operating Room at 8 AM.**

There's so much to think about and yet it feels like there are no words at all. We have so many feelings and thoughts to process.

You can see our previous thoughts on Noah's surgery here:

Today everything feels surreal. Tomorrow it probably won't feel that way. Tomorrow we'll be facing reality as our little guy is in surgery for four to six hours.

These past few weeks have been a mixture of emotions and a whole lot of tears.  A few weeks ago I was mourning the idea of losing Noah with no hope, focused on my own pain. But God in His mercy changed that. One morning Noah was sitting on his Daddy's lap and Hubs was reading Ephesians to him and talking about how in Heaven, Christ will be lavishing his love and kindness on us with great generosity. How He'll never stop heaping kindness and love on us. And it hit me that if Noah doesn't make it through this surgery, that will be his reality. Extravagant love and kindness from Jesus will be his reality. He will be wrapped up in His perfect Heavenly Daddy's arms. That morning was the first morning I felt hope no matter what Tuesday may bring. Real hope. We long for Heaven for our little boy. But today we long for him to be with us even more.

Bedtime Prayers

We've been marveling these past couple of days about what God has done in our little boy and how God totally changed his life. In Noah's birth country, he was a throwaway. Even in the orphanage, he was largely ignored and sat in a stroller by himself for most of the day.

But now, now he has one of the best surgeons in the world at the top children's hospital in the nation caring for his heart.  There are conference calls with the other top hospital in cardiology regarding his case.  There is a team of surgeons, doctors, and nurses discussing how to best take care of his heart.  Now there are between one and two thousand people praying for him, many people we don't even know.

Now whenever we take him out in public, inevitably someone comes over and cannot help themselves and touches him and tells us how beautiful he is. Nurses peek their heads in the room when he is at the hospital just because they heard how cute he is.

This little boy who was once a throwaway is now loved and valued by so many. The boy who was once considered worthless is now deemed worthy. What a picture of the gospel and how God has redeemed us!

So, this has been our last few weeks- marveling and mourning with hope.

As for His failing you, never dream of it --
hate the thought of it.
The God who has been sufficient until now,
should be trusted to the end.”

We want you to know that even if our worst nightmare comes true and Noah doesn't make it through the surgery, that our FAITHFUL God has not failed us. If he survives and the surgery is unsuccessful and his heart remains in a poor state, God has not failed us. He will not and cannot fail us. We know it might not feel like that in the moment, but this is the truth.

But also know that we are also pleading with God to heal Noah and allow him to stay with us. He is a gracious Father who listens to His children and wants us to bring our deepest longings to Him. And that's what we are doing. We are clinging to Him and clinging to Hope.

Please join us in prayer:
  • That Noah will stay healthy so they can perform the surgery tomorrow
  • That Noah's heart surgery will be successful and his heart will be healed
  • For wisdom and steady hand for the surgeon and his team- Because Noah already had his chest opened up for his pulmonary artery band when he was a baby and they have to reopen the same place in his chest, there is an increased chance of him bleeding out or the doctors sawing into his heart. Please pray against these things happening.
  • That we will trust the Lord through all of this. We need Him.
  • That Noah will trust us in the hospital when he is hurting and confused. We won't be able to hold him for the first few days, and that will be hard for him.
  • That Nora will do well with the change in routine and new environment. We will all be away from home for the majority of the time Noah is in the hospital.

Thank you for holding us up before the Lord in prayer! You are our Aaron and Hur, holding us up when we are weary.

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  1. Prayers for Noah, his heart, his surgeons, for you all. Thank you for sharing with us.