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Thursday, June 26, 2014

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Noah continues to get better and better with each day so far!  Today he greeted me with lots of smiles and giggles.  It was the first time he smiled since before surgery.  He looks worlds better today than he did yesterday and seemed to be in much less pain, praise God!

He had a busy day full of sitting up and playing, some standing, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.  He was even able to go for long periods of time without needing his oxygen tube!  They took the bandage off of his incision site where they sawed through his sternum to do the surgery...which was...umm... well, a disturbing sight.  Eww.

The hardest thing about the day was that he kept fighting sleep, so he was struggling with being cranky due to his tiredness for most of the day.  But thankfully, he took a two hour nap finally in late afternoon.  He seems to only give into sleep when he's in our arms, instead of in bed. ;)  (Oh, but there is so much to be thankful for, like that we have a comfy chair right next to his crib, that he will let us comfort him, and that we are even able to hold him.  Many kids are out of sorts after surgery and may refuse comfort.  If the surgeon had added certain tubes to Noah's body, we would not have been able to hold him for the first few days.)

We're looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.  We hope to go for a walk around our floor in the hospital.  Noah is still medically critical, so we won't be able to go far.  But I'm sure he is itching to get out of this room. :)

We would love your continued prayers, friends.

The four biggest things you can be praying for specifically are

  • that his heart finds a regular rhythm (his heartbeat is still irregular)
  • that his right ventricle thins out and works well with his corrected heart (it's very thick from having to work so hard for years from the stress of his pulmonary artery band).  The doctor told us this could take anywhere from weeks to months.  Basically his heart has to learn to work properly in its new state.
  • that he breathes well without the oxygen tube--praise God for progress in this each day!
  • that the swelling in his body dissipates-- praise God the swelling is steadily decreasing!

    Thank you all for your continued prayers for our little guy!! 

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    1. Awww what a sweetheart. Continued prayers for Noah's complete healing. Go Noah!