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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Post-Surgery Update 2

Overall we've been told that Noah is doing well. All the issues he is experiencing are normal for this point post-operation.  His heart is still working to try to find a new rhythm.  His blood pressure has mostly been in the normal range now, but still drops throughout the day.  He is still on oxygen because his breathing is very shallow.  His poor little body is still also very swollen from retaining fluids.  

We moved out of ICU this afternoon and onto the main cardiac care unit, so that's progress!  His cardiologist was shocked (in a good way) that he moved out of ICU so soon.

He has been eating and drinking a little bit all day, which we've been told is really good at this point.    His nurse said most kids won't eat this early, so we're thankful he is strong enough to eat now.  

Noah got to sit up and play a little bit today.  But mostly, he had a rough night last night and a hard day today.   He went back and forth between sleeping in his bed and in our arms.  He grew very agitated and threw lots of fits in his tiredness and pain.  Many nurses were growled at and greeted with angry yells.  His pain seems to have lessened a little tonight and this evening and he has had a few hours of respite, praise God!  No smiles yet, but he has laughed a few times.  :)

And thank you also for your prayers for Nora. She is taking the new environment and her boring hospital days like a champ!   

Thank you again for praying for our boy and our whole family!